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3 Reasons Why Your Industry Knowledge Matters to Small Business Owners

Posted January 24, 2019 by Bobby Martin

When studying economics—or marketing for that matter—one of the first concepts that you probably explored was that of “needs” versus “wants.” In the simplest terms, it’s the difference between a nice-to-have and a must-have.

Personalization, Partnerships, and Payments Top Small Business Banking Conference Agenda

Posted January 08, 2019 by Nick Miller

“It’s like the question, ‘Do you prefer your toothbrush or your dentist?’,” prompted Rob Pascal, Small Business Strategy and Planning executive for Bank of America Small Business. “We’d be stuck without the toothbrush, but when we really need the advice, we need the dentist.”

What Consumer Debt Means for the State of the U.S. Economy

Posted December 17, 2018 by Bobby Martin

In order to have industry expertise, one must also have solid knowledge on the cyclicality of the nation’s economy. The state of the economy starts and stops with the consumer. For example, in 2017, consumer spending represented 68 percent of GDP. When the consumer stops spending, businesses suffer, and the slowdown filters on down...

Survey of Small Businesses Explores What Owners Really Want

Posted November 28, 2018 by Bobby Martin

At Vertical IQ, we often talk about how industry research can help build value-added client relationships. A recent survey conducted by Accounting Today, a leading provider of online business news for the accounting community, underscores this fact.

New Vertical IQ Smartphone App Offers Industry Insights on the Go!

Posted November 01, 2018 by viqadmin

Vertical IQ’s cofounders are former financial professionals, so we understand what it’s like to be in the trenches. We’ve learned that Vertical IQ users are busy professionals, and the reality is that they often don’t have the time to research and read an entire industry-related paper to prepare for a client or prospect meeting.

The How and Why of Industry Structure

Posted October 18, 2018 by Bobby Martin

One of the fascinating things about working for Vertical IQ is learning about the structures of industries and why they have evolved that way. At the heart of what we analyze are the numerous facets that drive revenue—and factors that make businesses within that sector succeed or fail. Indeed, it’s every advisor’s job to understand...

How Bankers Can Help Business Owners Plan Exit Strategies

Posted October 04, 2018 by Bobby Martin

Two members of the Vertical IQ team and I attended the 2018 Exit Planning Summit in Nashville last week because many exit planning experts need and appreciate industry research. Having been a business banker for many years, and then personally being involved with founding and selling several successful businesses, I’ve had first-hand...

3 Trends Bankers Should Key In On When Meeting with Computer Programming Firms

Posted September 20, 2018 by Vertical IQ

It seems that just about everything today relies upon computers, and as a result, computer programming services is a booming industry. For bankers, despite the risks, there is a lot of opportunity to be found within the rapidly growing computer programming services industry.

A Potentially Healthy Environment for the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

Posted September 06, 2018 by Vertical IQ

We noticed an interesting article in the August 15 issue of American Banker regarding community banks that are forming dedicated healthcare lending teams. In recent years, the healthcare industry had seemed risky to many banks as Medicaid reimbursements have been declining and concerns about the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA,...

Industry Spotlight: Commercial Equipment Rental and Leasing

Posted August 16, 2018 by Vertical IQ

Despite the credit risks inherent to commercial equipment rental and leasing companies — such as intense competition, cyclicality, and high regulation — building an industry niche with well-managed firms in this industry may be profitable for your bank. Well-run firms achieve high equipment utilization and are good at keeping repair...


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