Using Vertical IQ to Support Your Workplace Banking Program

Posted January 23, 2020 by Nicolle Bouffard

Thanks to the increased use of technology like ATMs, online banking, and direct deposit, bank branch traffic has steadily declined in recent years. Without that face-to-face, in-branch contact, bankers have lost access to those interpersonal relationships that used to encourage consumers to remain loyal to their bank.

The Secret Sauce: Enabling Bankers with Industry-Specific Content

It’s no secret that B2B banking is becoming increasingly commoditized. These days, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are using far more banks than even just a few years ago. According to Gartner’s 2016 study, “A New Basis for Competitive Advantage,” 53 percent of companies use four or more financial providers. 

12 Ways to Use Industry Research to Win More in 2020

Posted January 07, 2020 by Bobby Martin

The new year is a good time to start new, better habits, from improving our diets to exercising more. But it is also a great time to turn over a new leaf at work, setting more ambitious sales or client management goals. And Vertical IQ can help. 

Podcast Recap: 7 Secrets for Bankers To Become the Trusted Advisor for Small Businesses in 2020

Posted December 19, 2019 by Laura Stidham

Small business banking is being disrupted. Those cliché, predictable conversations that used to get a business banker in the door are slowly vanishing as bank clients begin to expect more out of their banker. For traditional banks and their relationship managers (RMs), this means they must find new ways to remain relevant to small- to...

Industry Spotlight: Jewelry Stores

Posted December 12, 2019 by Bill Walker

December is the month when the nation’s 15,200 jewelry stores really shine! Indeed, winter holiday shoppers can make or break a jewelry store, which has highly seasonal sales in December and around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Yet in recent years, jewelry stores have lost market share to a variety of channels, including...

Key Takeaways From the 2019 Small Business Banking Conference

Posted December 06, 2019 by Susan Bell

Members of the Vertical IQ team recently attended the American Banker Small Business Banking Conference in Los Angeles. The agenda for the three-day conference included outstanding expert panels, workshops, and keynote presentations. Here are some of the highlights.

Webinar Recap: High-Touch Coaching in a High-Tech World

Posted November 21, 2019 by Vertical IQ

The final installment in Vertical IQ’s free fall webinar series was last week—a presentation entitled High-Tech Coaching in a High-Tech World, presented by Tony Cole of Anthony Cole Training Group, a company that specializes in banking, financial advisory, and insurance sales and management training. 

Leadership Spotlight: Vertical IQ’s New CMO, David Buffaloe

Posted November 14, 2019 by Laura Stidham

David Buffaloe recently joined Vertical IQ as chief marketing officer (CMO). David brings more than 25 years of proven experience leading high performing marketing teams in the technology space to Vertical IQ. You can read more about David’s background in this press release.

Webinar Recap: Playing Offense and Defense to Prepare for the Future

Posted November 07, 2019 by Vertical IQ

The second installment in Vertical IQ’s free fall webinar series was last week—a presentation entitled A Winning Game Plan: Playing Offense and Defense to Prepare for the Future by Mary Beth Sullivan, managing partner at Capital Performance Group.

Building SMB Client Relationships with Insight and Foresight

Posted October 31, 2019 by Susan Bell

Of course every business services firm that calls on small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) says they are a trusted advisor to their clients, but reality doesn’t always support that claim. I read a great article this week about how most firms that call on SMBs instead tend to provide “Random Acts of Consulting.”